Hacking mobile devices – How to prevent it

 Hacking mobile devices – How to prevent it

Hacking mobile devices - Post on how to prevent it

The latest danger associated with electronic identity theft is not really just your laptop or computer. It’s your mobile phone or wireless tablet like your ipad.If you’re not careful, responding to a message or text or downloading an application on your mobile phone device or tablet pc might cost you. It’s really a major concern for mobile phone companies and wireless security companies who intercept these kinds of junk mails and doubtful text messages everyday.

More than three hundred million people in U.S. have wireless devices and some make use of mobile apps to bank, trade stock, even monitor their income tax refund. Mobile phones keep so much personal data it is as if they are right now as if taking a computer in your pocket.

So how do any scam work? The method is called “smishing”. Smishing is the technique with which the hackers attempt to swipe personal info via text messages. An SMS claiming to be from a bank or lending institution requires you to call up a phone number.When you call up that particular number they are looking at gathering personal information from you.

Some other text from a close friend asks you to download an incredible media player. When you take action on it, security specialists say your screen would simply blink. The thing is, you might have just downloaded a mobile malware that could enable cyber criminals to monitor an individual’s accounts, or may be send expensive sms from the phone.

Steps to be taken to stop hackers from hacking mobile devices:

Ensure when you download an app you also check out the reviews and ensure it is from a reputable source.If the app asks for a number of permissions to access your information, that’s a big no-no.

When you get an sms from what appears to be your bank never respond.

Be careful about any sms wanting you to sms, mail or call in personal information, and don’t download any app from a link you obtain from the sms.

Make sure your mobile is up to date with the most recently released software updates so you have gotprotection against recent threats. There are lots of anti virus applications readily available for download too which could protect your mobile phones.

Some smart phone providers also would enables you to forward questionable texts to them in order to review it.

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